TMR CHAMPION - mixture for volume and healthy digestion

A mixture of HYDROTERMICALLY modified cereals and a special mixture of  straw. These together form a great combination allowing prolong feeding time.


This feed respects the physiological needs of horses with regard to the solubility and usability of the nutrients. Very suitable for horses difficult to be fed. Rich taste. It is a concentrated feed with a high content of usable fibre.

Feeding ration: according to the load of the horse, in the range of 1.5 – 2.5 kg
Packaging: 15 kg Bag


barley flakes, corn flakes, cut straw, wheat bran, molasses, barley,  soy bean extracted  bran, alfalfa meal, dried sugar beet pulp, sunflower extracted  bran, calcium carbonate, additive premix, vegetable oil, yeast, sodium chloride, calcium dihydrogenphosphate, magnesium oxide, copper chelate, manganese, zinc and amino acids

made from proven raw materials - raw materials undertake our laboratory analysis

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