Nutrition management plant protection, respecting the rules of good agricultural practice.

  • Consultancy

    • Workshops
    • Field days
    • Field experiments
    • Consultancy at customers’ premises
  • Variable applications

    • Liming
    • Fertilization
    • Digital maps - sophisticated application tailored to each land

We provide plant nutrition tailored to specific crops and land-

FARM EFFECT = Soil care system to maximize plant production with maximum efficiency

  • Soil analysis reveals the presence of important elements in the soil
  • Analysis results are provided in graphical and numerical form. Its output is a map of element occurrence in the soil
  • Based on the result of the analysis, we deliver system recommendations v concerning long-term care of specific crops
  • Our recommendation includes tailored fertilization
  • The final step is to create an application map, based on the soil analysis result and desired crop yield
  • Application map and advanced agricultural technology help us deliver variable applications, including soil pH value change

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