Fish food

We supply feed for complementary feed for fish faring.


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    Young fish

    It provides young fish with protein as well as energy for growth

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    For growing market fish

    It supplies the growing fish with energy, or medicaments as the case may be during a period of weakening.


  • All cyprinids
  • Factory farming and small breeders

Benefits of our feed for your breeding

  • We supply fish with the right balance of energy and protein  depending on the age of the fish
  • Incorporated hydrothermically modified flakes have better digestibility than usual native cereal feed
  • They can be produced with added medication (after the winter, v period of weakening of fish)
  • Natural food is always available in the water
  • The feed is an add-onimproving the economy of the breed

Ask for advice

We will gladly advise you on choosing a particular feed that will be most suitable for the health and economy of your breeding.
The General Terms and Conditions are available for download here. 

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