Plant protection products

We emphasize the optimal and gentle use of plant protection products.
We supply a complete assortment of products for professional use.


  • Herbicides – Přípravky na ochranu rostlin k regulaci plevelných společenstev
  • Fungicides – Plant protection products to control fungal pathogens
  • Insecticides – Plant protection products to suppress the occurrence of pests
  • Stimulators – Preparations with a stimulating effect
  • Growth regulators – Preparations with morphoregulatory effects
  • Seed disinfectants – Preparations for the seed treatment. Regulation of spongy seed transmissible diseases Protection of emerging crops from pests.
  • Wetters – Supportive means to improve spray agent performance, better coverage and adhesion to plant, improved penetration of active substances into plant systems.
  • Other – Auxiliary compounds

Why opt for us?

  • We have many years of experience in the field of product effectiveness and their use on individual crops.
  • Application and recommendations are selected in accordance with integrated plant protection. We have been following new trends in plant protection.
  • We make our own recommendations, including the advisory service that is part of the plant protection product trade.
  • We deliver the goods directly to our customers.
  • We offer a possibility of storing products in our warehouses in Kojetice na Moravě and Ivančice until the time of application.

Our satisfied customers

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