Tailored fertilizers

We fertilize with consideration We nourish the soil, we do not over fertilize. We recommend to use only a tailored amount and composition lacking in the soil. We save the cost of fertilizing.

Results of a performed soil analysis reveal missing elements.
This means that we can recommend „a tailored fertilizer“ for each land and crop.

Effective plant nutrition

Soil analysis is the basis of our fertilizer proposition. We respect cultivated crops and economic intention. We suggest mixed fertilizers whose composition is consulted with the customer. We always consider customers’ options and limitations.


We mix optimally combined fertilizers.

With the new technology, we can mix the optimally combined  fertilizer. In Sedlec we prepare mixtures of solid fertilizers respecting the optimal ratio of N, P, K, Mg, S for the specific crop, land and customer’s technology.

Our satisfied customers

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