Rabbit feed

We produce high quality Czech feed for intensive fattening of rabbits.


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    Fodder mix with KKVK coccidiostats

    5 day protection period

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    Fodder mix without KKV coccidiostats

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    A complete feed mixture for rabbits breeding KKCH


  • Small breeders and factory farming
  • With or without a medication
  • Two sizes
  • 10 kg and 25 kg packaging

Benefits of our feed for your breeding

  • Good digestibility
  • Good quality proteins contained in the feed increasing the increment
  • Multiple types fibre 
  • Healthy digestive tract
  • A balanced amino acide ration is a guarantee of a good quality and healthy meat
  • It is delivered with or without coccidiostats to ensure good health of your breed

Ask for advice

We will gladly advise you on choosing a particular feed that will be most suitable for the health and economy of your breeding.
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