Variable applications

We provide professional application of fertilizers and nutrition of your land, tailored to a particular crop when using digital maps.


We offer an application of industrial fertilizers before and after sowing using the Terra-gator 8203, fitted with the AirMax 2000 pneumatic spreader.



  • High performance up to 250 ha/ den
  • Shot width 21,3 m
  • Two 8,5 m3 tanks, the possibility of mixing 2 fertilizers at the same time
  • Application of fertilizer with air flow
  • The machine is equipped with a foam marker in the event of a satellite signal failure
  • Digital technology
  • GPS navigation


  • Responsible attitude to land and low soil pressure due to low-pressure flotation tires, ideal for regeneration fertilization
  • Possibility of variable application of fertilizers, according to prepared application maps, within so-called precision agriculture
  • Possibility of application and mixing of two different fertilizers at the same time
  • Uniform application even under aggravated weather conditions, there is no fertilizer drift
  • High accuracy of application in both the longitudinal and transverse directions
  • Precise movement across the plot thanks to GPS navigation


We apply calcium fertilizers based on soil pH measurements.


Soil pH measurements

  • We are able to quickly determine the pH value of your land
  • We uggest solutions to achieve optimal pH of the soil
  • If necessary, we can apply calcium fertilizers
  • The result is economic savings above all

Applied calcium fertilizers

  • Maintain soil fertility
  • Boost biological activity of soil
  • Ensure quick return on investment
  • Calcium fertilizers are applied with our machines: TATRA PHOENIX AND TERRA GATOR with auger spreading mechanism

New technologies

We offer a precise and uniform application of limestone with two machines – Terra-Gator 8103 with an arm range of 10 m and Tatra-Gator with an arm range of 14 m.

Thanks to these machines, we are able to ensure a large dose variability from 0.5 t/ha.


Contact our specialist for variable applications