Animal nutrition

The nutrition of every living creature determines the health and quality of its life. In livestock breeding nutrition is primarily an investment. Investing in the future economic performance of your breeding.
And that's the main benefit of our feed.


Do you want to grow?
Use hydrothermal flakes to feed your animals!

A unique technology produced in the Czech Republic

  • Heat-treated grain is more digestible
  • The animal uses more nutrients, starches, proteins and fat
  • Better nutrients usability means greater energy intake
  • Healthy digestion will positively affect the overall health of the animal
  • Increased energy intake will be reflected in higher increments, or  more milk = higher performance
  • Breed economy is considerably rising, while preserving or improving the condition of animals.

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Our satisfied customers

In the field of feed, we work with these customers to whom we supply feed for their breeding.