Animal production

On our farm, we bead primarily dairy cattle and, to a lesser extent, meat cattle. In the Vysočina Region, cattle breeding is understood as an ideal complement to crops cultivation.

Dairy cattle

Breeding dairy cows and milk production is our core business. We breed 700 dairy cows. Over the past 5 years, we have managed to achieve a 29% increase in milk yield. We have obtained the highest Q quality certificate in the national milk quality monitoring. We are proud that our breeding is successful thanks to the use of our own feed and care for the best animal welfare.


Q Program

Everything we do we try to do as thoroughly as possible. We trust our products.We have registered our milk for national quality monitoring.

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Genetics of animals

Our farm is gradually passing through a cross-breeding from Czech red-haired to Holstein cattle. 

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Living conditions

Breeding dairy cattle and milk production is our core business that we are constantly trying to improve. We achieve good results and we have the courage to try new practices.

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Forage crops cultivation

Livestock production helps us maintain soil quality. Soil enriched with organic nutrients allows fodder to grow to a greater extent.

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Meat cattle

In our Vysočina Region, the crop-growing areas are interspaced with the poorer fields in the hills, where there are more stones than the arable land. Ideally, these areas are used for cattle grazing. The Aberdeen Angus breed was chosen to graze in our pastures.



The Aberdeen Angus is a breed sought after for high-quality meat, ideal for making steaks. Appreciated by its consumers.

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Living conditions

Natural conditions of our breeding are reflected in satisfied cattle grazing on the meadows, lounging and chewing in the shade of the trees.

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Our breeding results

The care we devote to our breeding brings us joy and economic results. Current milk yield of our cows is almost 29 l/day. This is 27,7 % more than the average of the Czech Republic. In the last five years, our milk productivity has increased almost by 30 %.

milk yield comparison (L/DAY)

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