Gentle plant protection

We protect field crops to reach yields and harmlessness.


Field observance

We are in the fields together with our customers.

We regularly monitor our customers' vegetation current state. We draw on years of experience.

A pathogen diagnosis in performed in the fields using proven methods – traps, pheromone traps, trapping slides, optical methods. If necessary, we also solve laboratory diagnostics, cultivation, and determination of diseases.



The consultancy is based on professional knowledge of individual pathogens,critical numbers, current status, phenological phase, weather patterns, technologies used (soil cultivation, variety susceptibility, sowing dates, pre-crops, nutritional status of …).

We consider many aspects and we always tend to offer the most appropriate and the most effective option for the customer.


Safety and health

We strive for crop safety, limitation of the use of products under the protection of surface and groundwater, protection of honeybees, and protection of human health.

We store plant protection products in approved warehouses in Kojetice na Moravě and Ivančice Brna.

The biological efficacy of individual products is verified on our own experimental lands. We process final reports based on results of many performed experiments and enrich our knowledge with new findings.



We focus primarily on the efficiency of used products.

We have a wide portfolio of plant protection products, auxiliary compounds, and foliar nutrition.

We deliver the goods to our customers’ premises.

We consult with our customers the most appropriate measures and we provide recommendations, concerning the necessity of fertilizer use.
The aim of our work is timely and justified interventions.

Why opt for us?

  • We have many years of experience in the field of product effectiveness and their use on individual crops.
  • Application and recommendations are selected in accordance with integrated plant protection. We follow new trends in plant protection.
  • Pro offer our own recommendation including a consultancy, which is a part of the plant protection product trade.
  • We deliver the goods to our customers’ premises.
  • We offer a possibility of storing products in our warehouses in Kojetice na Moravě and Ivančice until the time of application.

Our satisfied customers

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