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We produce premium Czech feeds with maximum digestibility and usability for your horses. In their production we proceed from simple and traditional natural processes. It is a unique technological production process in the Czech Republic.

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Why hydrothermal flocking in a horse nutrition?

The nutritional requirements of horses are always specific. The higher the training and the load, the greater the nutritional requirements. Feed with hydrothermal flakes respects the physiological needs of horses in terms of solubility and usability of nutrients and energy supply.

  • A unique technological processing in the Czech Republic
  • Excellent digestibility and palatability
  • Maximum usability of starch, proteins and fats
  • Delivery of efficiently usable energy that is dosed gradually
  • Suitable for sensitive horses
  • They promote healthy digestion, which affects overall health
  • The technology is gentle on the nutritional content of the grain
  • High feed hygiene

Více o hydrotermických krmivech

Benefits of our feed

  • A Czech product made in a clean environment of the Vysočina Region
  • We use local sources of raw materials
  • Rich taste of the feed
  • A balanced ratio of all nutrients, including selenium in organic form
  • TMR mixtures for volume and healthy digestion, very suitable for horses difficult to be fed
  • We invest in new technologies for maximum quality and usability of our feed
  • The quality of input raw materials is subject to strict control in our laboratory
  • We currently supply feed to over 200 stables throughout the Czech Republic
  • Our ADW delivery to your stable

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We will gladly advise you on selecting the particular feed that will be most suitable for the health and fitness of your horse.
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