Pig feed

We produce complete feed mixtures for pig breeding, and fattening.

Feed for

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    Sow, gilts

    Bulk and granular form

    Test mixtures, PCH1, PCH2, KPB, KPK, wet technology concentrates

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    Piglet breeding in all growth phases

    Bulk and granular form

    ČOS 1 , ČOS 2, A1,wet technology concentrates

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    Bulk and granular form

    A1, A2, A3, wet technology concentrates

Our feed benefits

  • Balance of the mixture
  • Quality raw materials
  • Rich taste
  • Good feed intake

Why hydrothermal flocking in pig breeding?

Hydrothermal flakes are a high-quality, highly digestible feed supplement

  • High attractiveness and taste
  • Effective energy use
  • High nutritional value
  • Increased sanitation effect in the elimination of anti nutritional factors
  • Increased sanitization effect on microorganisms disposal

Ask for advice

We will gladly advise you on choosing a particular feed that will be most suitable or the health and economy of your breeding.
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