The soil is part of our homeland

The soil is our irreplaceable source of nutrition and energy. We want to manage, preserve and pass it on to the next generations. It is a source of production values ​​for us, but also a home - a place of our lives.

What is a healthy soil

The soil is a lively, open, dynastic complex. Its individual components, interrelationships, processes, and norms are taught to learn all our lives and apply this knowledge in the care of it. Healthy soil is full of life, capable of receiving and releasing nutrients and above all water.


No-till farming

We do not plough the soil, but we process it throughout the profile. We perform stubble ploughing, mellowing of soils and underspadding. We do not plough the soil, but we process it in entire profile.


Erosion and soil compaction prevention

Soil is now most threatened by two threats: erosion and soil compaction. We perceive both the phenomena as serious threats and we try to prevent them.

More about prevention

Entrust your land to our company

We will hand over the soil to the next generations as our fathers — fertile, lively and healthy

We are interested in arable land suitable for growing crops. But we are also able to use lands not suitable for cultivation. We use it for free cattle grazing.

  • We farm without unnecessary load mechanization and chemistry
  • We pay attention to the appropriate choice of fertilizers, especially organic
  • We respect our contracts, keep promises and care for good relationships
  • We return healthy, livelier and fertile land to their owners

I want to rent my lands

Where we farm

We farm on our own and rented lands.

We farm on lands of Vysočina Region in the surroundings of Lesonice na Třebíčsku, Rokytnice nad Rokytnou and Chlístov, Koněšín. And further near Brno, in the surroundings of Ivančice a Zbraslav. 

There are various soils, ranging from slightly sandy, loamy sand soil to fully clayish soil. The lands are located at an altitude ranging between 480 and 500 meters above sea level. with with an annual rainfall of up to 550 mm and an average temperature of +6,9°C. 

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