Wild animal feed

We produce custom-made feeds according to the needs of your particular breed.

Feed for

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    Game enclosures

    In game enclosures it is economically essential to breed good trophy animals. This can also be significantly influenced by the presented feed (growth, antler, coat, overall appearance).

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    Farm breeds

    Farm breeds and enclosures use special feeds necessary to supplement and balance nutrient deficiency from natural food (grazing).

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    Free hunting areas

    Wild game has better access to natural feed due to less concentration and free movement in the landscape. The feeds complement nutritional value of the food, especially in winter months.

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    PHEASANTS: BŽ 1, BŽ 2, BŽ 3, BŽ N

Benefits of our feed

  • We make and produce tailor made feed according to the needs of the field or farm breeding
  • Appropriate inclusion of hydrothermal flakes contributes to healthy digestion and thus the health of all animals
  • Heat-treated grains increase the useful feed value, which has a positive effect on the farm economy.
  • The results of the inclusion of suitable supplementary feeds are evident after several weeks
  • We will be happy to advise youwith the feed composition according to your needs


  • TMR mixturesable to cover the entire feed ration (bulk feed in  combination with granules and grains)
  • Muesli blends - a premium feed supplement
  • Granulated feed used as a pasture or hay complement together with root crops and other feeds

Ask for advice

Mixtures for wildlife animals are tailored to the specific needs of your breeding. We will gladly advice you to choose the feed.
The General Terms and Conditions are available for download here.

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