Poultry feed

High quality Czech feed made from natural raw materials for intensive fattening of all poultry species.


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    Hens, pullets, broilers

    Hens (N – S loose, N – GR granules)

    Broilers (BR1, BR2, BR3)

    Pullets (K1 drť, K2 drť)

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    VKCH1 pulp, VKCH2 gr

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    KR2 gr, KR3 gr, KR5 gr


  • Broilers, pullets and hens; ducks; turkey; pheasants.
  • For factory farming and small breeders
  • Two pack sizes 10 and 25 kg
  • For all categories, it is necessary to provide sufficient quality drinking water.

Benefits of our feed for your breeding

  • Optimal growth, balance of minerals  –  skeleton development of pullets, high laying in adult laying hens, strong eggshells, good health
  • Increased muscle mass thanks to an efficient feed energy source
  • High weight gain of turkey, geese and ducks
  • Meets high demands on turkey nutrition
  • Good health condition


Laboratorně kontrolované obiloviny. Kvalitní rostlinný olej, který je zdrojem kyseliny linolové, zásadním stavebním prvkem pro tvorbu vajec.

Ask for advice

We will gladly advise you on choosing a particular feed that will be most suitable for the health and economy of your breeding.
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