Starter TMR for calves in the dairy period and easy weaning. Follow - up feed of PREMIUMSTARt.  non GMO brand.

SKOT excelentstart-non-gmo.jpg
SKOT excelentstart-non-gmo.jpg

Recommended for:

  • Calves aged 45 to 120 days
  • Ideal continuation feed PREMIUMSTARt

Delivery method:

  • Bagged, in bulk


  •  Easy way of feeding
  • Stable quality, it does not spoil, does not ferment
  • High hygiene, easy cleaning
  • Rich taste
  • Optimal pH of rumen
  • Calves cannot glut of grain mixture feeds
  • Smooth early weaning of calves
  • Higher increments
  • Better development of gastric mill, stronger rumen wall, free villus, larger surface for nutrients absorption
  • Metabolic programming of the organism, the basis of health, utility and longevity


  • Strukturální, vysoce stravitelné, hydrotermicky upravené obiloviny
  • doplněno o speciálně upravenou slámu
  • po namíchání nastříkáno melasou pro větší chutnost a zabránění separaci