Our activities

We are engaged in agricultural primary production. We develop new methods and use technologies to achieve high efficiency in plant and livestock production, using natural processes and minimizing chemistry.

How we farm

Our ancestors understood that nourished soil gives better yield, that greater harvest means a better source of nutrition for both animals and humans. 



We try to deliver missing nutrients . We perform soil analysis and we measure  its pH. Based on the results, we mix tailored fertilizers for a particular land and crop. The soil is not over-fertilised, but nourished.



The plants are nourished and protected against pests to the most effective extent possible. We strive for long-term protection of groundwater, bee colonies and human health. The nutrition and plant protection is performed in accordance with rules of good agricultural practice.



We have developed animal feeds that can digest their digestive tract and convert the energy gained into milk, meat, reproduction and health.

Our results

We believe that achieving excellent yields and benefits with just the necessary amount of chemistry, honest use of the natural energy that our soil, plants and animals provide us with, is the agriculture of the future.

Naše výnosy

comparison of yield of winter wheat (t/ha)

Srovnání výnosu pšenice ozimé

comparison of yield of winter rape (t/ha)

Srovnání výnosu řepky ozimé

Our breeding results

Milk yield comparison

Srovnání dojivosti

Our values

Our work is based on respect to resources and traditional values. At the same time, we effectively use human knowledge and a progress.


Our work is worthwhile

Good results are the ultimate goal of our work. We want to prove that high yields can be achieved using proper management, while producing healthier food. Before we offer all of the progressive methods, we test them in detail in laboratories and also, practically, at our farm in Lesonice.


Trust and honesty

We farm in harmony with natural processes. We respect traditional, generationally verified patterns. We farm reasonably, using a minimum of chemical products. Our farm is open. We will be happy to show you how we cultivate crops  in our lands and what our herds look like.


Innovation and progress

We develop, innovate and implement farming practices that make the best use of potential in soil, plants and live animals. We provide soil analyses on the fields. The soil is subsequently fertilized in accordance of analyses results. We have studied the digestive tract of animals and have developed unique feedstuff to be extremely efficiently transformed into milk, meat, growth and health.


Our attitude to soil and sources

We take care of soil to pass it to the next generations healthy and fertile. We care about our relationships and a healthier environment. We strive to restore natural nutritional value to our basic food. Our goal is the best possible nutrition and the health of plants, animals and humans.